"Schöpfung liegt in der Verbindung" - Divus


Divus is a two-man progressive rock band hailing from Solothurn, Switzerland. Since its inception in 2009, the band has gone through various phases of creative experimentation, leading to the first highlight of their career, namely their debut album "Aureola" in 2013. Other milestones of the band include multiple live appearances as well as the release of the singles "Poseidon" (2015) and "Hades" (2016) with a corresponding music video. In 2017, the band broke with their founding member and long time friend Sahin Aaron. Since then, the band has been energetically working on their new 2018 EP "(Im)Pulse", wich is their first release as duo. Sahin Aaron is still in touch with the band for life-performance purposes.

Divus believes that by blending the diverse interests of individuals something larger can come to life. In order to realise their ideals, time is the key ingredient. Many hours have been spent in finding heir creative personality and various sounds and styles were experimented with until they were secure about their way of musical expression. Listeners have described their sound as dynamic, diverse, melancholic, melodic, profound, powerful, hopeful, orchestral, spiritual, epic, and dreamy. Another important factor for the execution of a Divus song is to leave enough space and time to unlock the full potential of the song's atmosphere, in a way that both listeners and the band itself are captivated.

The band members describe their songs as musical journeys that invite the listener to dive into their individual world of sensations. Their experiences and encounters with others serve them as funnels and catalysts for their creativity, which they translate into compositions that convey what they have felt in their lives with equal intensity and atmosphere. Sources of inspiration like musical heroes from many genres, nature, artwork, feelings and experiences with other humans give the band their musical impulses and motivation. Bands such as Tool, Dream Theater, Metallica, Motörhead or Pink Floyd are just as interesting for them as are solo artists like Andy Timmons, Slash, Buckethead, Danney Carrey or Benny Greb, who all fascinate and motivate people with their work. However, their passion isn't reducible to a few particular groups or artists, because each member has a broad musical horizon and, like it's environment, Divus is not stagnant but rather a constantly changing entity.