Divus Records - sali du!

Do you want to record your best musical ideas in a warm and friendly environment? Not up to dealing with an impersonal and cold studio atmosphere, without a say in the recording process and lack of spontaneity? Have you wanted to record your songs professionally but are always scared off by huge and expensive Studios?

Sali du!

Along with making songs and playing shows Divus has been dealing intensively with recording, mixing and mastering. After a long period of recording our own songs, we’re opening our studio doors and offering other bands the chance to record their songs professionally.

Divus Records is an offer from musicians to musicians. Both sides are meant to benefit from the whole process: as friends who know our handiwork with amps and instruments, we will meet you at eye level and offer you technical and musical competence as well as an open mind for any of your ideas, no matter how crazy they are! Do you finally want your first experience in the studio without huge contracts and a good product at the end of the day? We’re giving you that chance! Of course we can’t offer you production standards of a Hollywood studio, but we will definitely surprise you with our pizazz and commitment to the cause as well as our prices.

What we have to offer

Divus Records are offering you an all-round package:

Be it vocals, guitars, bass, or drums, we have it all. And should we not have something you’d need for the song, we can organize it. Be it a short demo or even an entire album, Divus Records can provide the space you need to bring your projects to life.

Beside a comfortable couch, excellent coffee, and the best beer from the region, our studio has enough space to record percussion, guitars, bass, keyboard and vocals all at once if desired.

We’re available the entire time during the recording and production process and we can act as coaches should there be any uncertainties or if your ideas are only vague. Do you have any questions about the entire recording process, technical matters, song arrangement or CD distribution? We’ll gladly give you tips. (witzig chunnt das mit CD-Distribution, derbi siit ihr nid so uufem laufende mit promotion oder so ;P)

With a 5min walk from the nearest train station, a direct exit from the highway, a restaurant, parking spots, and a supermarket close by and the possibility to record 24/7, we will make your recording session as easy as possible. Should you need a break from recording, there’s also an entertainment center a floor above the studio, where you can play pool amongst other things.

But what really matters is how it all could sound, right?

You can visit our Divus Records Soundcloud page and convince yourselves of the quality of our recordings. Further information about past sessions can be found under “projects” a bit further below.

If you’re interested, you can also stop by for a coffee and we can discuss any details at the studio. Of course with an appointment though, we do sleep at home sometimes. ;-)

Write to us at info@divusband.com or use our contacts page to reach us.

Studio & Equipment

Infos coming!


09.10.2015 - Blind Alley // farbig, verspielt, melodiös

Aus dem Herzen Solothurns stiess die Bande von Blind Alley zu uns. Von ruhig und atmosphärisch bis hin zu wild und virtuos kam die Band rund um Frontsängerin Lesley mit einem bunten Cocktail an Songs zu Divus Records. Das Genre Rock/Pop mit einer gehörigen Portion Indie trifft hierbei den daraus entstandenen Silberig wohl noch am besten - doch hört selbst!

05.10.2015 - Anthem For A Dying Day // jetzt wirds laut

Ein Zürcher Metalcore-Projekt, das hoch hinaus will! Wir hatten die vier Jungs für ihre erste aufregende EP für ein Wochenende bei uns im Studio.

18.01.2015 - Störenfried // a bit cheeky...

STÖRENFRIED – Alternative rock with German lyrics. For their current project, the two self-proclaimed crusaders had their newest song “Noch gar nicht lange her” mixed by us at Divus Records – STÖRENFRIED style!

18.01.2015 - Frank Needs Help // Violent Deathcore

Frank Needs Help from Lyss BE have dedicated themselves to the heavier kind of music: powerful metalcore accompanied by atmospheric keyboard sounds and fierce shouting. The young group came to our studio after making their first album to record a new demo song and gave it their all!

18.01.2015 - InView // Punk-Rock from Bern

The recording session with InView went just as fast and zappy as their music: lots of caterwauling, five songs and the band’s first time working inside of a studio made the recording session just as successful and unforgettable. InView’s motto held true the entire time: Let’s go, pass out!