InView // Punk-Rock from Bern

The recording session with InView went just as fast and zappy as their music: lots of caterwauling, five songs and the band’s first time working inside of a studio made the recording session just as successful and unforgettable. InView’s motto held true the entire time: Let’s go, pass out!

Infos zu InView (Recording-Session Juli 2014)

Demo // 5 Songs

Genre: Punk/Punk-Rock

Foundation/Hometown: 2011, Meikirch BE

Mitglieder: Damian Hänzi (Vocals, Guitar), Miro Ulm (Lead Guitar), Alexander Hänzi (Bass, Background Vocals), Simon Walther (Drums)

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Feeback from InView

After an intensive but successful week in the studio of Divus Records our first five songs are finished. Sahin and Robin from the band Divus aided us in our recording experience. We had a great time together, with lots of laughs (“Shaaaaiiiin” and “SaliDu SaliDu Salidu” were echoed by everyone by the end of the week).

Recording each individual track turned into a test of patience for the guys of Divus, especially since none of us are really pros at working with a metronome. Even if they were at the end of their wits sometimes, Sahin and Robin both stayed calm and were constantly motivating us. We were pretty happy about their excellent sense of hearing, which helped us notice even the smallest imperfection. Both of them proved themselves as very competent and gave us very helpful tips whenever needed.

Both sofas were pretty useful as well, especially because of some of us falling asleep regularly during the recording.

All in all, we have nothing to complain about. Coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, ventilator, open-air urinal etc. were all available. At the end of the week we decided to get a Denner close to our own band room. Another plus point for producing with Divus was the gaming center with the pinball machine a floor above the studio. Despite a heated argument we decided against getting our own pinball machine, or else our will to work would suffer from the new toy.

To cut a long story short:

A huge thanks to Robin and Sahin for their effort.

 If anyone managed to read up until here and are looking for a price worthy possibility for top quality recording, then you’ve found the right place with Divus Records.

We’re eagerly waiting for the final product and we’re very much looking forward to the release party.

Rocking greetings


Impressionen "InView" Juli 2014

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