Frank Needs Help // Violent Deathcore

Frank Needs Help from Lyss BE have dedicated themselves to the heavier kind of music: powerful metalcore accompanied by atmospheric keyboard sounds and fierce shouting. The young group came to our studio after making their first album to record a new demo song and gave it their all!


Infos zu Frank Needs Help (Recording Session August 2014)

Demo // 1 Song

Genre: Metalcore / Deathcore / Death Metal

Foundation/Hometown: 2011, Lyss BE

Members: Markus Gerber (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Lukas Hadersberger (Lead Guitar), Raphael Brunner (Drums, Vocals), Leonie Rösler (Keys, Vocals), Christian Leu (Bass)

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Feedback from Frank Needs Help

We spent a weekend with Divus in their spacious band room in Bettlach to record a new demo that we will be offering as a free download in a little while.

It was an awesome, interesting and educating time in the Studio. The boys from Divus were always friendly and supported us with professional suggestions. They weren’t afraid of hard work and used their knowhow extensively. After hours of mixing and mastering, we finally have a product that we can be proud of. We also appreciate that Divus fulfilled all of our wishes without exception and that they recorded and mixed everything with the best of their knowledge. The only thing left to be said: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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