Störenfried // a bit cheeky...

STÖRENFRIED – Alternative rock with German lyrics. For their current project, the two self-proclaimed crusaders had their newest song “Noch gar nicht lange her” mixed by us at Divus Records – STÖRENFRIED style!


Since 2003: voluminous, innovative, raw, trashy, and tongue-in-cheek-irony: STÖRENFRIED. Behind the band name are the two hobby musicians Hektor and Hasso von Störenfried, two impoverished, German noblemen. But their true identities aren’t relevant; they are only mediums for the art to come to life.

After their two albums “Fatal Normal” and “Alles Schröder?” the Störenfried-ers are currently working on new material. The first finished song “Noch gar nicht lange her” was recently mastered at DIVUS RECORDS. Listen to it yourselves…


Infos zur Masteringsession Dez 2014

New Album "Wackelschmerz"

Genre: Alternative Rock with german text

Foundation/Hometown: 2002, Klinik "Schwanensee" bei München/DE

Members: Hektor (Vocals, Drums, Percussion) und Hasso von Störenfried (Guitars, Bass, Text)

Links: YouTube


Feedback from Störenfried

The autonomic pre-mastering of the album opener “Noch gar nicht lange her” surprised and convinced us. The final touches of the mastering at Divus’ studio turned out to be a relaxed and constructive kind of teamwork: good guys, good atmosphere and the sound speaks for itself – Thank you!