03.11.2015 - Poseidon Release!

After an extended summer break, Divus are back with new material and song ideas. The guys in the band confined themselves in their slightly air-conditioned studio, concentrating on dealing with new problems and working on conceptual ideas. The latter has progressed far enough that we figured, “Why not show everyone what we’ve got?”

02.04.2015 - Poseidon Trailer

After Christmas, winter holidays, “Carnaval” and the beginning of the new semester of studies, here comes a huge update on our musical activity. Despite being pretty quiet towards the outside world, Divus has actively been cooking up some new tunes (and dealing with other important things). Time for some news!

05.01.2015 - New Jam Online

Just on time for the turn of the year, we’ve uploaded another jam on Youtube, recorded at the end of 2014. Give it a listen!

25.12.2014 - Poseidon Jam

A jam session (recorded during the making of our new song “Poseidon“) is online, check it out!

18.12.2014 - "Frank Needs Help" @ Divus Records!

Our website was malfunctioning these past few weeks, but we’re finally able to present you the project “Frank Needs Help”.

18.12.2014 - Price-Drop and Merch on Bandcamp!

To celebrate the first birthday of our debut album “Aureola”, you can now get the digital album for a cheaper price!

25.10.2014 - Poseidon is coming!

It has been quiet for a long time, but after a successful start in the new semester we are back – and not empty handed! We've got a new song in the making: “Poseidon“!

15.09.2014 - Radio interview, remaster of “Awakening“ & new review

A lot is going on in the world of Divus: Next to completing a new version of “Awakening”, we were invited to a radio interview and our album “Aureola” was given a great review by our friends in Metal-Factory!

15.09.2014 - Studio report “InView” (Update #5)

Punk rock band “InView” have received the honors of being the first band to record music with us at Divus Records. It's their first proper demo, meaning we have two debuts on our hands here!

15.09.2014 - Divus Records, live video & new review page

Three anouncements coming your way: Our live video from the Emergenza Band Contest can be viewed online (!), our new project “Divus Records” is starting to take shape, and we have a new review section on our band page.

15.09.2014 - New live stuff coming your way...! (1. Update)

Our show at the Emergenza Swiss final was professionally recorded... That means a live video of “Anima” will be coming soon!


***no concerts planned***