2016, Overkill, Hades and more...

2015 is over, 2016 has begun. With a cover of „Overkill“ by Motörhead, Divus says goodbye to the old year and welcomes the new one with the revealing of “Hades”, the second song of the upcoming concept album!


2015 was a pretty quiet year for Divus. After an extensive summer break, the band spent a lot of time in the cellar working on new as well as old song material, all in order polish them for the upcoming second album. Originally thought as a gimmick and “test file” for our latest recording gear, our cover of “Overkill” (which can be heard on Youtube and Soundcloud) became a pretty cool piece, and the song wanted to pay their respects to the recently deceased “rocker with a passion” Lemmy Kilmister and at the same time end 2015 with a bang – 2016 will definitely be “louder than everything else!”

After presenting the first official song “Poseidon”, which is dedicated to the Greek god of the ocean, we’re ready to announce “Hades” – God of the Underworld – as the second track of our concept album. As you might have figured out by the theme, it will be more aggressive and heavier than most of you might be used to hearing from us – just like it should be for a god of the underworld! Except for the bass track, the song is pretty much finished; we just need to polish a few details so that it satisfies the quality standards of the Band. If everything works out, the song will be finished and released by February! We’re looking forward to your feedback and we can hardly wait to show you our new baby!

2015 was a pretty slow year regarding shows – that should definitely change though! Our plan is to finish up the album as much as possible in order to mix the new tracks into our current set filled with “Aureola” songs and through that give you guys a convincingly awesome show. We can’t say when that will be just yet, but gigs are definitely on our 2016-to-do list. In addition, we’re working on a live-stream so you can be directly connected to us while we work on the new album. This should be ready to go online for the first time in the next few weeks! We’ll keep you up to date on Facebook and on our website, just keep checking in!

With that all said: we wish you all a good start in the new year! More news to come soon!