Poseidon Release!

After an extended summer break, Divus are back with new material and song ideas. The guys in the band confined themselves in their slightly air-conditioned studio, concentrating on dealing with new problems and working on conceptual ideas. The latter has progressed far enough that we figured, “Why not show everyone what we’ve got?”


To cut a long story short, the first song of our new record, “Poseidon,” was announced a while ago, and we’re proud to show you the final result! Poseidon is now available on YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, check it out.

We’ve been working on the album for the past year. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it is conceptually based on Greek mythology. The reasoning behind our choice is pretty simple: once we decided on naming the first song “Poseidon”, someone suggested dedicating the other songs to other Greek gods. Everyone liked the idea so much that it was a no brainer to make the album a concept album. The fun part for the band was to create sounds that can be connected to the corresponding gods, rather than just creating songs from random riffs and beats.  We won’t tell you what “godly soundscapes” we’ve chosen just yet, but you can be sure the gentle minds as well as the head bangers will find pleasure in the new songs!