Poseidon Trailer

After Christmas, winter holidays, “Carnaval” and the beginning of the new semester of studies, here comes a huge update on our musical activity. Despite being pretty quiet towards the outside world, Divus has actively been cooking up some new tunes (and dealing with other important things). Time for some news!


To start off with: the song Poseidon, announced last fall, has been mixed and mastered, so it’s finally complete! We’ll release Poseidon as our next album’s first single – can’t be much longer until then! Which leads us to the next important piece of news: we’re working on a new album! Poseidon can be seen as a small taste of what’s to come. This much can be said: the songs won’t be shorter ;-) We will be taking new paths in our songwriting approach and we’ll be using new tools to create unique auditory journeys. Robin and Sahin especially have been making extensive use of these new ideas, triggering a roller coaster of sounds that carry me along an exciting ride of discovering my capabilities as a drummer. You can look forward to something exciting!

At this point we’d like to provide some clarification about our bassist situation: we had a few people filling in this slot, which stirred a bit of confusion particularly during our performances (pictures from different shows had different people on them etc.). What can be said is that since Kevin’s departure at the end of 2013, we haven’t had a bassist as an active member of the band. But we are working with different people for gigs so that we can give you a complete and qualitatively coherent presentation of our music. This collaboration with session bassists is restricted to gigs and further work on music will not be done together with these bassists. So just like Aureola, our new album will be a work of art created solely by the founding trio (Kevin joined Divus after the songwriting process for Aureola).

As of now, a trailer for Poseidon can be seen on Youtube! The video was made with clips from various Blizzard games to add express a bit more of the song’s atmosphere. Go take a look!